Useful phrases when you want to make Japanese friends

When it comes to improving the second language, making new friends is always one of the best ways.
It should be enjoyable and could teach you lots of interesting facts about Japan.
Here are some tips for you to make new friends from Japan.

・Hello, my name is~
konnichiwa watashi no namae wa [your name] desu. こんにちは、わたし名前なまえは◯◯です

You can greet and introduce yourself in one sentence like this. It is a very simple and formal enough way to start the conversation.

・I’m very interested in Japan.
watashi wa nihon ni totemo kyo(u)mi wo motte i masu. わたし日本にほんにとても興味きょうみっています

It’s good to tell them you are interested in their country so that they would be excited and listening to your stories.

・Where were you born?
dochira no go shusshin desu ka? どちらのご出身しゅっしんですか?

Japan has different features from city to cities such as food, language, and climate. It’s always the easy way to start new conversations.

・What’s the place famous for?
soko wa donna basho desu ka? そこはどんな場所ばしょですか ? (なに有名ゆうめいですか?)

You might only know Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka…etc. If so, just ask your Japanese friends by using this sentence, and you will know the other places of Japan.

・What do you like about Japan?
nihon no sukina tokoro wa nan desu ka? 日本にほんきなところはなんですか?

You could find either new things or common things on how you think about Japan by this question. It’s always fun to know how the local people think about their own countries.

・Have you ever been to my country (or around)?
watashi no kuni (chiiki)ni wa kita koto ga ari masu ka? わたしくに地域ちいきにはたことがありますか?

Now you can share your own country with your friends. They want to know your country as well!

・My country(place) is famous for~
watashi no kuni(chiiki) wa [○○] ga yuu(you)mei desu わたしくに地域ちいきは◯◯が有名ゆうめいです。

Once you find the differences/commons between Japan and your country, please let them know! It should be interesting for them as much as it is for you.

・why don’t you hit me when you come, I’ll show you around!
Kita toki wa zehi, renraku shite kudasai. Boku ga annai shimasu. ときはぜひ、連絡れんらくしてください。わたし案内あんないします。

If you don’t want to end your valuable friendship in only one day, then you should offer your kind help like this. No one would be unhappy when they know they can have someone to ask for help in overseas.

・Do you have facebook / Line? why dont we be friends
Facebook ka Line motte masu ka? Tomodachi ni narimashou! FacebookかLineってますか? 友達ともだちになりましょう!

If you want to keep in touch with them, you may ask for their social media. And try to contact them sometimes to maintain your friendship.