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Top 10 Shopping Expressions

One of the most anticipated activities when holidaying in Japan is probably shopping. You may find some English-speaking staff at tourist attractions but it is convenient if you can speak some Japanese yourself. Let’s learn some expressions we can use […]

14 Essential Japanese Travel Phrases

So you are going for a holiday to Japan and you can’t speak a word of Japanese. “How can I survive the trip?” you may wonder. Although English language service is available at most tourist places, there might be situations […]

How to say “Do you have free WiFi?” in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation The word “WiFi” is pronounced the same way as in English. If free WiFi is available, you can use the second sentence in example (2) to ask for the password. You can say “sumimasen” (excuse […]

How to say “I can’t eat pork” in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation The concept of “halal” is gradually becoming more known in Japan, but it is still not widely known in some areas. In addition, pork is often used in Japanese food so if in doubt, try […]

How to say “I have an allergy.” in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation My American friend also has gluten allergy, and we were often worried about her when she visited Japan. Those of you who has gluten allergy, make sure to be careful of soy sauce, a type […]