How to say “Do you have free WiFi?” in Japanese?

I want to ask “Do you have free WiFi?” at a street café at Shinjuku. What is the right expression to use?

Answer by Japanese teacher


Muryoo no WiFi wa arimasu ka.
Do you have free Wi-Fi?
(2) ここは無料むりょうのWi-Fiがありますか。パスワードはなんですか。
Koko wa muryoo no Wi-Fi ga arimasu ka. Pasuwaado wa nan desu ka.
Do you have free Wi-Fi here? What is the password?


The word “WiFi” is pronounced the same way as in English. If free WiFi is available, you can use the second sentence in example (2) to ask for the password. You can say “sumimasen” (excuse me) before your question to draw the attention of the service crew.