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How To Say “Say cheese” In Japanese?

Question: I was visiting the Sensoji temple at Asakusa, where they were a lot of tourists. Many people were taking photos at the iconic Kaminarimon. I also saw some Japanese students on school trips there. One of the students approached me and asked whether I could help him take a photo of himself and his friends. How do I say "Say cheese" in Japanese?

How to say “Mount Fuji is perfect” in Japanese?

Question: How to say "Mount Fuji is perfect" in Japanese? | Answer by Japanese teacher: (1) 富士山(ふじさん)は最高(さいこう)です。 Fujisan wa saikoo desu. Mount Fuji is the best. (2) 富士山(ふじさん)はすごいです。 Fujisan wa sugoi desu. Mount Fuji is awesome.

How to say “I want to go to Japan” in Japanese?

The word 行(い)きます ikimasu means “to go”. We change it to the tai-form ~たい to mean “want to go”. Similarly, you can use the tai-form for any verbs to mean you want to do something. For example, 食べます tabemasu (to eat), 食べたい tabetai (want to eat); 飲みます nomimasu (to drink), 飲みたい nomitai (want to drink).   I hope that you will […]