I was on a short holiday to Naha and we were taking the monorail to Makishi. After going through the gantry gates, I suddenly remembered we did not check which platform we were supposed to go to board the monorail.

I wanted to ask the monorail employee which platform I should go to for Makishi. How do I say it in Japanese?


You can say the following:
 (1) 牧志方面(まきしほうめん)は何番線(なんばんせん)ですか。
Makishi hoomen wa nanbansen desuka.
Which platform is Makishi?

Train stations in Japan have many platforms and it can be quite confusing to find the correct platform to go to for your train. Boarding a train at the wrong platform can be a hassling experience.

You can ask “~ hoomen wa nanbansen desuka”. Hoomen means “in the direction of” and nanbansen means “what platform number”. The reply you are expecting is “(number) bansen”, for example, “ichi bansen” (platform one).

Just listen out for the number and you’d be good to go.