I have been working from home ever since my city announced a lockdown to restrict movements to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I received a message from my Japanese friend asking how I was coping with things. I want to reply in Japanese “Thank you for your concern”. How should I say it?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
(1) お気遣(きづか)いありがとう(ございます)。
Okizukai arigatoo (gozaimasu).
Thankyou for caring about me.

(2) ご心配(しんぱい)ありがとう(ございます)。
Goshinpai arigatoo (gozaimasu).
Thankyou for worrying about me.

(3) 心配(しんぱい)してくれてありがとう(ございます)。
Shinpaishite kurete arigatoo (gozaimasu).
Thankyou for worrying about me.

Sending words of concern and care to our loved ones certainly helps to lift our spirit during these trying times.

There are three expressions that you can use for close friends. The word gozaimasu is in parentheses and you can include it to make the expression more polite if you are using it for your colleagues.