How To Say “I’m getting better” In Japanese?

I was down with flu for a few days but am now slowly recovering. When my colleagues asked me how I was doing, how do I reply “I’m getting better”?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) おかげさまで、だいぶ良(よ)くなってきました。
Okagesamade daibu yokunatte kimashita.
Thanks for your concern. I’ve gotten much better.

(2) おかげさまで、ずいぶん良(よ)くなっています。
Okagesamade zuibun yokunatte imasu.
Thanks for your concern. I’m getting a lot better.


Both expressions are suitable to say “I’m getting better”. だいぶ daibu and ずいぶん zuibun mean “a lot, much”, so you can omit this if it’s not applicable according to your situation. おかげさまで okagesamade is a set phrase usually used to thank someone for his concern or help. You can also follow up with a ありがとうございます arigatoo gozaimasu at the end to further express your thanks for the concern shown.