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How To Say “I’m looking forward to it” In Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation Tanoshimi literally means “delight, fun, pleasure”. Thus the above expression means “I’m looking forward to it”. To emphasize your anticipation for the event, you can add sugoku in front of the sentence. Sugoku means “really, very much”.

How To Say “When Are You Available?” In Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation Both expressions are suitable for use in emails and conversation. The first expression would sound more polite than the second one. Gotsugoo literally means “your circumstances or condition” and gotsugoo no yoi means “favourable or […]

New Keigo Expressions Used by Young People

This is Part 4 of the explanation on keigo, Japanese honorific expressions. For previous explanations, see What is keigo? Today, we are going to look at keigo and Japanese young people. We do not recommend the use of keigo if […]

Top 10 Shopping Expressions

One of the most anticipated activities when holidaying in Japan is probably shopping. You may find some English-speaking staff at tourist attractions but it is convenient if you can speak some Japanese yourself. Let’s learn some expressions we can use […]

How to say “Full tank, please” in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation Petrol stations are called gasorin sutando (ガソリンスタンド) in Japanese. There are two types of petrol stations in Japan, full-service and self-service. Full-service petrol stations are those where attendants are on hand to fill up your tank as per […]