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How to say “man” in Japanese?

Question: I was interning at a Japanese company. During lunchtime, someone called the office and I picked up the phone. The man spoke rapidly in Japanese but I could not understand. Nobody was around to take the call in Japanese. I spoke in English but he could not understand me either. We had to end the call. When my colleagues returned to the office, I could only tell them that a man called the office but I could not provide more information. How do you say “man” in Japanese?

How to say “and” in Japanese?

Question: I have started learning conversational Japanese and in class, I learned how to say, “I take a bus to school every morning” which is “maiasa basude gakkoo e ikimasu”. I actually have to walk quite a bit to school after alighting from the bus. So how do I say “I take a bus and walk to school”? Can I say “watashi wa basu to aruite gakkoo e ikimasu”?

How to say “Nice to meet you” in Japanese?

Question: I will be starting my internship in a Japanese company. I want to leave a good impression on my Japanese supervisor and colleagues and am thinking of saying “nice to meet you” in Japanese. How do I say it in Japanese?

How to say “Good bye” at work in Japanese?

Question: I have started my internship in a Japanese company. It was my first day at work and it was almost time to go home. I wanted to leave a good impression on my Japanese supervisor so I said “Sayoonara” to her as I was preparing to leave. She looked at me in surprise and then she laughed and replied “Ja, mata ashita ne”. I was quite embarrassed. I had the feeling that I said something wrong, but I did not dare to clarify. Was I wrong to say “sayoonara” for “good bye”?

How to say “what” in Japanese?

Question: My Japanese friend went to Kyoto and bought me a box of sweets. I have never seen anything like it before. The skin of the sweet looks like gyoza skin and the filling is red bean. I wanted to ask her what this sweet is. How do I say “what is this?” in Japanese?

What does “nani” mean in Japanese?

Question: I often watch anime online and there is one word that characters often say in the anime that really makes me curious. What do they mean when they say “Nani??” especially when the characters are agitated?

How to say “What time is it?“ in Japanese?

Question: I was chatting with my Japanese friend online when she said she has already had her lunch. It was not time for lunch yet in my country, so I was surprised to hear that. I wanted to ask, “What time is it?” in Japanese. How do I say it?

How to say “I’m on self-isolation“ in Japanese?

Question: My wife developed flu-like symptoms a few days ago and was tested positive for COVID-19. Naturally, this put our whole family on panic mode as all of us need to stay home and self-isolate for 14 days to see if we develop symptoms as well. My son goes to a Japanese elementary school. How do I tell his teacher that he is “on self-isolation” and cannot go to school in Japanese?

How to say “Please maintain social distancing“ in Japanese?

Question: I’m working part-time at a supermarket. We usually have many customers crowding around the cooked food section during lunch and dinner time. Now with the COVID-19 situation, crowding is strongly discouraged. My supervisor wants me to make an announcement in Japanese to advise customers to maintain safe social distancing. All my other colleagues were busy, and I couldn’t really ask them. How do I say “Please maintain social distancing” in Japanese?