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How to say “I’m home” in Japanese?

Question: I had the chance to stay with my Japanese friend and his family during my trip to Japan. I noticed that whenever we came back from outside, he would say something to his mum, and she would respond to it. I guess he’s saying that he’s back but I’m not sure. I’m also a bit embarrassed to ask him directly as I don’t want to seem like I’m eavesdropping on their conversation. How do I say “I’m home” in Japanese?

How to say “Girl” in Japanese?

Question: We were talking about our family over lunch and my Japanese colleague asked me how many children I have. I wanted to say I have a girl. How do I say “Girl” in Japanese?

44 Ways of Grumbling and Complaining in Japanese

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to spend long hours at home. This gives rise to tension in the household and frequent quarrels and conflicts with your partners, spouse, or children. This article will introduce some Japanese expressions used during quarrels and arguments.

Days of the week in Japanese

In this article, we are going to learn how to say days of the week in Japanese. After we have mastered the vocabulary, try to say your schedule for one week.

How to tell time in Japanese?

Let’s learn how to tell time in Japanese today. Knowing how to tell time increases your language proficiency and survival skills in Japan as you can ask time and understand train and bus schedule announcements.