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The best ways to introduce yourself in Japanese

Wherever you are, whenever it is, the first impression is always very important. Nobody wants to make it uncomfortable, awkward… In order to build good relationships with people, here are some basic expressions to introduce yourself smoothly. ・Hello.(for the first […]

What is the difference between “Arigatoo gozaimasu” and “Arigatoo gozaimashita”(Thank you)?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation “-masu(〜ます)” and “-mashita (〜ました)” are Japanese suffixes that represent “tense”. Understanding the role of these suffixes can help you understand the differences between words like “Arigatoo gozaimasu” and “Arigatoo gozaimashita”. -masu(〜ます): Current tense and future […]

How to say “Take care” in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher Explanation There are multiple ways of saying ‘Take care’, but this ‘Take care’ has the same meaning as ‘See you’. It is an expression used when saying good-bye to a friend. This form of saying ‘Take […]