How To Say “I’m not feeling well” In Japanese?

I suddenly felt unwell in the middle of work and would like to see the company doctor. How do I say “I’m not feeling well” in this case?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) ちょっと具合(ぐあい)が悪(わる)いです。
Chotto guai ga warui desu.
I feel a bit sick.
(2) あまり体調(たいちょう)が良(よ)くないです。
Amari taichoo ga yokunai desu.
I’m not feeling very well.


You can use the above two phrases to express a general sense of unwell.
具合(ぐあい)が悪(わる)い guai ga warui means “ill, sick, not in good shape, malfunction”.
It can be used to refer to people or things. If you are feeling better, then you can say 具合(ぐあい)がいい guai ga ii (in good shape).
On the other hand, 体調(たいちょう) taichoo means “physical condition”. This can only be used to refer to people.