I’m going to Japan next week for my long-awaited holiday! The Japanese inn I’ve booked for my trip offers a free pick-up service from the nearest train station. I’m thinking of using this service but I don’t know how to request it in Japanese! How do I say “Please pick me up from the station” in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher

Eki made mukae ni kitekudasai.
Please pick me up from the station.

Guest pick-ups from the nearest train station is a common service offered by Japanese inns. You can usually request this service when you book your accommodation. Eki means “train station” and mukae ni kite means “to come and pick someone up”. You may probably want to let the hotel know what time to pick you up. In that case, you can add the time in front of the phrase, for example, “San ji ni mukae ni kitekudasai” (Please pick me up at 3 o’clock)