How to say “please go to the international terminal” in Japanese?

The taxi I’ve booked through the hotel receptionist is waiting for me at the hotel lobby. I want to go to the airport but the airport has both domestic and international terminals. How do I say “please go to the international terminal”?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) 国際(こくさい)ターミナルまでお願(ねが)いします。
Kokusai taaminaru made onegaishimasu.
Please go to the international terminal.


Onegaishimasu is a useful phrase whenever we are in need of someone’s help or favour. When used with the word “made” before it, that is, “~ made onegaishimasu”, it means “please go to ~”. Try this phrase with the taxi driver and he may strike up a friendly conversation with you during your ride!