I’m a vegetarian and I’ll be traveling to Kyoto next month. I’m a bit worried about finding vegetarian food. How can I ask in Japanese if a restaurant has a vegetarian option?

AI Japanese Teacher

Answer by AI Japanese Teacher
Bejitarian-you no opushon wa arimasu ka?
Is there a vegetarian option?

When dining in Japan, it’s important to know how to ask about vegetarian options, as traditional Japanese cuisine often includes fish or meat products. The phrase Bejitarian-you no opushon wa arimasu ka? is a polite and clear way to inquire if there are dishes suitable for vegetarians.

ベジタリアン用 (Bejitarian-you) means “for vegetarians,” and ありますか (arimasu ka) is a polite way to ask “is there?” This phrase can help you find suitable meals and ensure that your dietary preferences are respected. Don’t hesitate to use it in restaurants to enjoy a worry-free dining experience in Kyoto!