How to say “How do you use the washing machine?” in Japanese?

I had just checked in to my accommodation in Japan and the staff was showing me around the place. It was a well-equipped apartment and even had a washing machine and dryer.

I was glad that I could wash my clothes but I could not read the Japanese instructions on the washing machine!

I think all washing machines should work the same but just in case, I wanted to ask the staff how to use it. How do I ask this question?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) この洗濯機(せんたくき)はどうやって使(つか)いますか。
Kono sentakuki wa dooyatte tsukaimasu ka.
How do you use this washing machine?


Sentakuki means “washing machine”; dooyatte means “how to”; and tsukaimasu means “to use”.

You can simply put all the words together to ask “how to use the washing machine?”

In most cases, you simply put your clothes inside the tub, put in some detergent and press the Start (スタート sutaato) button.