We are deciding what to eat for dinner and my Japanese friend asked me whether I would like to have Japanese or Chinese food. I don’t really have a preference so I wanted to say that either one is fine with me. How do I say it in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher


If you are speaking to a close friend, you can use the more casual version below.

(1) どっちでもいいよ。
Docchi demo ii yo.
Either one is fine.

If your friend is just an acquaintance or if the other party is your colleague, you can use the more polite version below.

(2) どちらでもいいですよ。
Dochira demo ii desu yo.
Either one is fine.

Dochira or docchi is used when you are referring to two things or choices in the conversation. I hope you will enjoy your dinner regardless of your preference.