I have never been to Japan but I really want to go someday. How do I say “I want to go to Japan” in Japanese?


You can say the following:
 (1) 日本(にほん)へ行(い)きたいです。
Nihon e ikitai desu.
I want to go to Japan.

The word 行(い)きます ikimasu means “to go”. We change it to the tai-form ~たい to mean “want to go”. Similarly, you can use the tai-form for any verbs to mean you want to do something. For example, 食べます tabemasu (to eat), 食べたい tabetai (want to eat); 飲みます nomimasu (to drink), 飲みたい nomitai (want to drink).
I hope that you will get a chance to visit Japan someday.