I was dispatched last year from U.K. to the Japanese branch of my company as its President. I suddenly have many Japanese subordinates.

We speak English in the company and we normally use English for work as well. However, I want to speak some Japanese to my staff, especially words of thanks.

I want to say “Thank you for your hard work” to them when they come to my office for regular reports.

How should I say it?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
(1) ご苦労様。

(2) お疲れ様。

(3) 一生懸命働いてくれてありがとう。
Issyookenmee hataraitekurete arigatoo.

You can use “Gokuroosama” when you wish to reward or appreciate your subordinates. Be careful as this phrase sounds rude if a subordinate uses it on his superior. Adding “desu” to “otsukaresama” will make it polite.

A superior can say “Otsukaresama” to his subordinates. The “Isshookenmee” in “Issyookenmee hataraitekurete arigatoo” is used to praise someone for being serious and earnest.

Your subordinates will surely feel pleased if you praise them like that.