How to say “I have an allergy.” in Japanese?

I have gluten allergy and can’t eat anything containing gluten. I am looking forward to my trip to Japan, but I am worried about my meals. Could you tell me how to explain my allergy?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) Watashi wa arerugii ga arimasu. わたしはアレルギーがあります。
I have an allergy.
(2) Watashi wa guruten arerugii ga arimasu. わたしはグルテンアレルギーがあります。
I have an allergy to gluten.
(3) Syooyu o tsukawanaide kudasai. 醤油しょうゆ使つかわないでください。
Please do not use soy source.
(4) Guruten furii no syooyu ga arimasuka? グルテンフリーの醤油しょうゆがありますか。
Do you have gluten free soy source?


My American friend also has gluten allergy, and we were often worried about her when she visited Japan. Those of you who has gluten allergy, make sure to be careful of soy sauce, a type of seasoning often used in Japanese food. Gluten is produced during the refining process of soy sauce and thus soy sauce often contains gluten. Please be especially careful as soy sauce is used in various dished including simmered dishes, soup, and fried dishes.
When my friend visits Japan, she recently, uses these expressions to communicate with the people in the restaurant. Recently, there are sushi bars with gluten free soy sauce, so she can enjoy sushi as well.

That’s all for today!
Mater these expressions and enjoy a safe and comfortable journey in Japan.