How to say “I can’t eat pork” in Japanese?

I am a Muslim. I’m looking forward to my trip to Japan, but I can’t eat pork, so I am worried about the food.

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) Watashi wa butaniku ga taberaremasen.  わたしは豚肉が食べられません。 
I can’t eat pork.
(2) Watashi wa isuramu kyooto desu.  わたしはイスラム教徒きょうとです。
I am a Muslim.
(3) Butaniku wa haitteimasuka?  豚肉ぶたにくはいっていますか。
Does this dish contain pork?
(4) Butaniku o irenaidekudasai.  豚肉ぶたにくれないでください。
Please do not use pork.


The concept of “halal” is gradually becoming more known in Japan, but it is still not widely known in some areas. In addition, pork is often used in Japanese food so if in doubt, try out the phrases above to check whether pork is used in a certain restaurant.
That’s all for today, and have a wonderful trip to Japan.