How to say “I’m just looking” in Japanese?

How do I say “I’m just looking” when a sales person approached me and asked whether she can help?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) すみません、てるだけなので・・・
Sumimasen, miteru dake nanode…
Sorry, I’m just looking…

(2) さきにゆっくりてもいいですか。
Sakini yukkuri mitemo ii desu ka.
Can I look around for a while first?


You can use the first expression to mean “I’m just looking…”.
Ending the sentence with hesitation expresses a non-verbal meaning which can be left to the interpretation of the listener. In this case, the sales person will understand and leave you alone to browse around in leisure.
The second expression is more direct and asks for permission to look around. Choose one that you feel most comfortable with and try it!