I had the chance to stay with my Japanese friend and his family during my trip to Japan. I noticed that whenever we came back from outside, he would say something to his mum, and she would respond to it.

I guess he’s saying that he’s back but I’m not sure. I’m also a bit embarrassed to ask him directly as I don’t want to seem like I’m eavesdropping on their conversation. How do I say “I’m home” in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
I’m home.

Tadaima means “I’m home” in Japanese. It is actually a shortened version of the phrase “ただいま 帰(かえ)りました tadaima kaerimashita”, meaning “I have just come back home now”.

The literal translation of tadaima is “just now”. It is usually said when you have come back home.

If you’re at home and your family member says “Tadaima” upon coming back, you can say “お帰(かえ)り okaeri” or “お帰(かえ)りなさい kaerinasai”. It means “welcome back”.