I developed flu-like symptoms a few days ago and was tested positive for COVID-19.

Naturally, this put our whole family on panic mode as they need to stay home and self-isolate for 14 days to see if they develop symptoms as well.

I feel fine otherwise and try to keep positive, but I feel apologetic to my family as well. As I can’t go to the office now, how do I tell my Japanese boss that “I’m infected with the coronavirus” in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
(1) 新型(しんがた)コロナウィルス
Shingata korona uirusu
Novel coronavirus

Shingata korona uirusu ni kansenshiteshimaimashita
I’m infected with the novel coronavirus

I’m sorry to hear that you are down with the virus. The novel coronavirus is called “Shingata korona uirusu” in Japanese and “to be infected” is “感染します kansenshimasu”.

We use the phrase “~te shimaimashita” to denote a sense of regret that you are down with the infection. Please take care and I wish you speedy recovery.