My colleagues like to go drinking after work and I often had to go along as well. I really hate this kind of informal gatherings because it always drags on until late at night with second or third rounds of drinking.
And the next morning, I would have a terrible hangover.
I want to say “not this time” when they invite me again. How do I say it in Japanese?


(1) 今回(こんかい)はいいです。

Konkai wa ii desu.

It’s OK this time.

(2) また今度、お願いします。

Mata kondo, onegaishimasu.

Maybe next time.

In the first expression, いい ii literally means “good, OK”. However, when used in this context, it means “I’ll pass”. This expression is quite direct and is suitable if you are on close terms with your colleagues.

However, it would not sound too polite if you use it all the time. You can try the second expression to sound less “harsh” to the listener.