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New Keigo Expressions Used by Young People

This is Part 4 of the explanation on keigo, Japanese honorific expressions. For previous explanations, see What is keigo? Today, we are going to look at keigo and Japanese young people. We do not recommend the use of keigo if […]

Is Keigo(Honorific Expressions In Japanese) Discriminatory?

Some Japanese learners may think that keigo (honorific expressions) is discriminatory because they are words used to show a hierarchical relationship. Indeed, keigo is also used to show a hierarchical relationship but it is hard to say whether it is […]

What Is Keigo, Honorific Expressions In Japanese?

Hello. We’ve briefly mentioned keigo (honorific expressions) in “Is Japanese language difficult to learn? Let’s look at the characteristics of the language. Let’s learn more about keigo today. What is keigo (honorific expressions)? We’ve briefly mentioned keigo in “Is Japanese […]