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Six Expressions about Age in Japanese

In our previous article about asking how old you are, we have introduced phrases such as “oikutsu desu ka” and “nansai desu ka”. Still, asking about someone’s age is a very sensitive topic. Let’s consider some more expressions about age […]

Top 10 Japanese Interrogative Expressions

Imagine how much more enjoyable your holiday in Japan would be if you were able to ask questions like “how much is it”, “what is it” or “where is it” in Japanese. Let’s learn how to ask these questions in […]

20 Ways of Saying I’m Unwell in Japanese

We all try to maintain good health but despite our efforts, there are times when we do fall sick. When that happens, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to describe the state of our condition especially when […]

8 Ways of Saying Sorry in Japanese

Saying sorry is not an easy matter in Japanese. There are many different ways of saying sorry depending on the situation and social status of the person you are saying sorry to. This article attempts to summarize four common ways […]

10 Ways Of Saying Thank You In Japanese

If you’ve watched a few Japanese movies or dramas, you may have heard the word arigatoo. Arigatoo is a fast way of saying “thank you” in Japanese. But do you know that there are many ways of saying “thank you”? […]

8 Essential Japanese Greetings for Japanese beginners

You may have heard of the following 8 essential Japanese greetings but do you know the nuances behind some of them? Let’s find out more! おはようございます Ohayoo gozaimasu Good morning This is a polite greeting to mean “good morning” to […]