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How to say “Thank you for your hard work“ in Japanese?

Question: I was dispatched last year from U.K. to the Japanese branch of my company as its President. I suddenly have many Japanese subordinates. We speak English in the company and we normally use English for work as well. However, I want to speak some Japanese to my staff, especially words of thanks. I want to say “Thank you for your hard work” to them when they come to my office for regular reports. How should I say it?

How to say “Thank you for your help“ in Japanese?

Question: I’m a Singaporean working at a Japanese company. 30 minutes before we knock off, my boss suddenly asked me to create a PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow. I had to work overtime in the office until 8pm to finish the work. My colleague Yamada-san came back from sales. He saw me working alone and he helped to correct my Japanese on the slides. Thanks to him, I was able to create a quality presentation. I wanted to say “Thank you for your help” in Japanese. How shall I say it?

How to say “I’m infected with the coronavirus“ in Japanese?

Question: I developed flu-like symptoms a few days ago and was tested positive for COVID-19. Naturally, this put our whole family on panic mode as they need to stay home and self-isolate for 14 days to see if they develop symptoms as well. I feel fine otherwise and try to keep positive, but I feel apologetic to my family as well. As I can’t go to the office now, how do I tell my Japanese boss that “I’m infected with the coronavirus” in Japanese?

How to say “How is it going?“ in Japanese?

Question: I feel lonely as I must stay home all the time during this period of self-restraint caused by COVID-19. I have been sending messages to many people. I want to send a message “How is it going?” to a Japanese girl whom I used to go out with. How shall I say it in Japanese?

How to say “so-so “ in Japanese?

Question: My Japanese ex-boyfriend recently sent me a message saying “最近(さいきん)どう? Saikin doo?” (How are you?). I thought of blocking him as he sends such messages only when it’s convenient for him but as I don’t have a boyfriend anyway, I ended up replying him. I want to say “So-so” to sound uninterested at least. How should I say it in Japanese?

How to say “Don’t worry” in Japanese?

Question: We are facing hard times with the coronavirus crisis in the world. My girlfriend is Japanese and she is a worrier. She gets worried everyday as she watches the news. I want to tell her “Don’t worry”. How do I say that in Japanese?