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How To Say “Thank you for the food” In Japanese?

I went to Japan for holiday and we stayed at a Japanese inn for the first time. When we were there, the staff served us dinner in our room. We had sashimi and even a small hotpot, just like what my friends had been posting on their Instagram! When the staff said “さあ、どうぞ召し上がってください saa, doozo meshiagattekudasai” (Enjoy your food), I wanted to reply “Thanks for the food” but how do I say it in Japanese?

How To Say “Thank you for coming” In Japanese?

My parents have acted as host parents for many years to Japanese overseas students who came to study at our local universities. When my father passed away, a few of these former overseas students whom he had previously hosted actually came all the way from Japan for his funeral. I was very touched by their kind gesture. I cannot speak any Japanese, but I want to say “Thank you for coming” in a thank-you letter. What should I say?

How To Say “I don’t know” In Japanese?

Question: My Japanese boss told me he would be out of office in the afternoon but he did not mention where he will be going. Another Japanese colleague asked me the whereabouts of my boss later but I did not know where he was. How do I say “I don’t know” in Japanese?

How To Say “Are you OK?” In Japanese?

How to say “Are you OK?” in Japanese? | Answer by Japanese teacher: (1) 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)ですか。 Daijoobu desu ka. Are you OK? (2) 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)? Daijoobu? Are you OK?

How To Say “After you” In Japanese?

Question: I was taking the lift and many people were in it. As I was the one standing nearest to the buttons, I held the door open while many people got off at my level. How do I say "After you" to the people getting off?

How To Say “Say cheese” In Japanese?

Question: I was visiting the Sensoji temple at Asakusa, where they were a lot of tourists. Many people were taking photos at the iconic Kaminarimon. I also saw some Japanese students on school trips there. One of the students approached me and asked whether I could help him take a photo of himself and his friends. How do I say "Say cheese" in Japanese?

How To Say “Is it possible to check in early?” In Japanese?

Question: How to say “Is it possible to check in early?” in Japanese? | Answer by Japanese teacher: (1) 早(はや)めにチェックインすることはできますか。 Hayame ni chekkuin surukotowa dekimasu ka. Is it possible to check in early? (2) 早(はや)めにチェックインしたいんですが、できますか。 Hayame ni chekkuin shitaindesuga dekimasu ka. I want to check in early. Is it possible?

How to say “Cheap” in Japanese?

I'm an Australian wine exporter and we are selling our wines at a Japanese Marché market for the first time. I get some customers browsing at my stall but I could only smile at them. I want to say that my wine is cheap but I don't know any Japanese. How do I say “It's cheap” in Japanese when I have customers looking at my wines?