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How to say “Really?” in Japanese?

One morning, I saw my Japanese friend grinning from ear to ear as she approached me. When I asked her what happened, she told me that she had won 100 million yen at a lottery. I was so surprised. I wanted to say “Really?” but I don't know what's it called in Japanese.

How to say “Welcome” in Japanese?

I'm an Australian wine exporter and we are trying to enter the Japanese market. I have an opportunity to display and sell my wines at a Japanese Marché market taking place next month. How do I say “Welcome” in Japanese to potential customers at the market?

How to say “Mount Fuji is perfect” in Japanese?

Question: How to say "Mount Fuji is perfect" in Japanese? | Answer by Japanese teacher: (1) 富士山(ふじさん)は最高(さいこう)です。 Fujisan wa saikoo desu. Mount Fuji is the best. (2) 富士山(ふじさん)はすごいです。 Fujisan wa sugoi desu. Mount Fuji is awesome.