I’m going to Japan next week for my long-awaited holiday! I want to try communicating in Japanese as much as I can this time. If I’m going to an izakaya, how do I ask for the bill in Japanese? How do I say “Can I have the bill please?” in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
Okaikee o onegaishimasu.
Can I have the bill please?

You can say Okaikee o onegaishimasu after you’ve finished your meal and are ready to pay. Okaikee means “bill” and onegaishimasu means “please”. You can also drop the “o” and just say Okaikee onegaishimasu. Onegaishimasu is a very useful phrase.

You can use it to request something or ask for help, simply by adding whatever you’re asking for in front of onegaishimasu. For example, koohii onegaishimasu (coffee please), or kore onegaishimasu (this one, please). Enjoy your trip!