Japan is accepting individual travellers and I’m going to Japan next week! I’m so excited that I can set foot on Japan again. I want to try communicating in Japanese as much as I can this time.

I’m going to Kyoto to visit old temples and hopefully I can see a geisha there. I understand I need to ask for permission to take pictures. How do I say “Can I take a picture?” in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
Shashin o tottemoiidesuka?
Can I take a picture?

The opening of borders for individual travellers is great news indeed! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. You can use this phrase “Shashin o tottemo iidesuka?” when asking if photography is allowed in a certain area, as well as to ask people whether you can take a photo of or with them. Shashin means “photos”, totte comes from the verb torimasu (to take).

The phrase “~temo iidesuka?” is used when you want to ask for permission to do something. Remember to say arigatoogozaimasu or Thank you to the person after you’ve taken the picture.