We have a new Japanese intern at our company. I asked her to prepare some documents and bring it to my office once she was done. How do I say “Come in” when she knocks on the door?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
Hai, doozo
Yes, please.

Doozo ohairikudasai.
Please come in.

You can say “Hai, doozo” to ask the intern to come in. Hai means “yes” and doozo means “please (to go ahead with whatever you are going to do next)”. This phrase can be used in many situations, for example, when you are offering someone tea, when you are holding the door for someone to pass through, when you are giving someone a gift, and so on.

You can also use the more polite version “Doozo ohairikudasai” for someone like your superior or a customer if you want to tell them to enter the room.