I had arrived quite late at my accommodation in Japan and I was tired and hungry. I wanted to ask the staff for any nearby restaurants to recommend for a quick dinner. How do I ask this question?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
(1) の辺(へん)で、おすすめのレストランはありますか。
Kono hen de osusume no resutoran wa arimasu ka.
Do you have any recommended restaurants here?
(2) この辺(へん)で、おすすめのレストランを教(おし)えていただけますか。
Kono hen de osusume no resutoran o oshiete itadakemasu ka
Can you tell me any recommended restaurants here?

Both expressions are suitable for asking the question. Kono hen means “this area” and osusume means “your recommendation”. Arimasu means “to exist, to have” and “oshiete itadakemasu” is a polite way of asking someone to tell or teach you something.