My Japanese partner and I were having a big argument the other day. I was tired and frustrated with the whole thing and I wanted to stop arguing. But he would not leave me alone and continued to keep on and on about the same thing. How do I tell him to just go away in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
Hitori ni shitekureru?
Can you let me be alone?

Telling people to “go away” in any language is a challenging matter as the expression itself is not too polite to begin with. It depends on the situation and your feelings at the time of saying this expression.

If you want to ask someone to go away nicely , as in asking someone to leave you be so that you can have some alone time, you can say “一人(ひとり)にしてくれる? Hitori ni shite kureru? (can you let me be alone

一人 hitori means “one person” or “be by yourself”. くれる kureru has the meaning of “can you do this…. for me” with an emphasis on the “for me” part.

Take note of your tone when saying this as we want to stop the argument and cool down instead of adding to the fuel.