My city is under lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is no sign of reopening soon. Travel is restricted and I miss my Japanese friends.

I’m arranging a Zoom meeting online to catch up with them.

I want to ask how things are going recently for them in Japanese. Please help!


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
1. 最近(さいきん)どうしてる?
Saikin dooshiteru?
What are you doing recently?

2. 最近(さいきん)どうしていますか?
Saikin dooshiteimasuka?
What are you doing recently?

Isn’t it great that we can still keep in touch with our friends and families in this period of lockdown with the help of technology?

The first expression is suitable to use with close friends. If you are “meeting” your colleagues online for work discussion in a more formal situation, you can use the second expression instead.