I just came back to my home country after studying in Japan for a language programme. But immediately I wished that I was back there because I missed the place so much, and especially my Japanese girlfriend.

I missed her so much. We Skyped everyday but still it is different from seeing her in actual person. I want to tell her that “I wish I was living in Japan right now so I could see you everyday”. How do I say that?


I’m sure that you must have missed your girlfriend and Japan dearly. I guess you have made many wonderful memories there. Well, you can say the following:

(1) 今(いま)日本(にほん)に住(す)んでいればいいのに
Ima Nihon ni sundeireba ii noni.
It would be good to live in Japan right now but….

This expression is incomplete as there is an unsaid portion after the part “noni”. The unsaid portion usually implies strong emotions behind the unsaid portion or a longing that something would occur contrary to the current situation.

So the whole expression actually means “It would be good to live in Japan right now but (I’m not. If I were, I could see you everyday).”

Leaving things unsaid is very common in Japanese communication. Sometimes, it is even more effective that spelling everything out. If you say this to your girlfriend, I’m sure she would understand your feelings for her.

I’m sure you will have a chance to visit Japan again. All the best to you!