How to say “Take care” in Japanese?

When I finish talking with my friends, I want to say, “Take care!”. What’s the best way to say this in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1)Jyaane. じゃあね
Take care!

(2)Jya, matane. じゃ、またね。
Take care and See you again!


There are multiple ways of saying ‘Take care’, but this ‘Take care’ has the same meaning as ‘See you’. It is an expression used when saying good-bye to a friend. This form of saying ‘Take care’ is most appropriate among good friends in a casual setting.

(3)Ki o tsukete. けて。
Take care!

This expression above literally means, “to pay attention to safety.” It can be used when there is a possibility of some danger. This form is most appropriate for friends who return home at night or friends who drive home.

(4)Odaijini. お大事だいじに。
Take care!

This expression is used for people who are sick. Please note that it is not appropriate to say “大事だいじ (Odaijini)” when you hang out with a friend and want to say good-bye.

That’s all for today!
There are various ways of saying “Take care” in Japanese, so be sure to check out which expressions are most appropriate for your situations.
じゃ、またね! (Take care, and see you again!)