Do you have any other expressions for “delicious” besides “oishii”?

I know oishii means delicious and a lot of people used it to describe how delicious their food is in TV cooking or gourmet programmes. But do you have other expressions for “delicious” too?

Answer by Japanese teacher


Of course we have other expressions for “delicious”. We will introduce three useful words here.


(1) うまい umai delicious

This is a relatively casual expression commonly used by males and preferably among friends. If you are attending a dinner with your superior and you wanted to tell him/her that the dinner is delicious, use oishii instead of umai.

(2) 最高 saikoo best

When you say your meal is saikoo desune, you are giving it the best compliment because it’s the best.

(3) 絶品 zeppin superb, excellent

Zeppin literally means “an item of unrivalled quality”. When you are so delighted with your meal that you don’t know what else to say, going with zeppin desune would never go wrong.