I got to know a Japanese girl that I like through online gaming. We have similar interests and we often like the same songs and things. How do I ask her whether she “also” likes or has the same interests as me? For example,
I also like the song.
Do you also like the song?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
Watashi mo sono uta ga sukidesu.
I also like the song.

XX san mo sono uta ga suki desuka?
Do you also like the song?

You can express the meaning of “also” with the particle “も mo” in Japanese. Mo is added after a noun to mean “also”.

Watashi wa amerikajin desu. Kevin san mo amerika jindesu.
I am an American. Kevin is also an American.

Watashi wa ringo ga suki desu. Mikan mo suki desu.
I like an apple. I also like an orange.

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It would be great if you can speak to her more often. Good luck!