Japan is accepting individual travellers and I’m going to Japan next week! I’m so excited that I can set foot on Japan again. I want to try communicating in Japanese as much as I can this time.

As I’m traveling alone, it’s a bit troublesome when I want to take a picture of myself with the beautiful scenery. How do I say “Can you please take a picture for me” in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
Shashin o tottemoraemasuka?
Can you please take a picture for me?

The opening of borders for individual travellers is great news indeed! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. You can use the above phrase shashin o totte moraemasuka? Shashin means “photos”, tottemoraemasuka means “can you please take (a photo) for me”.

Remember to say arigatoogozaimasu or Thank you to the person who takes the picture for you.