I have started learning judo. My master is quite cool but he’s a little strict. I always try not to be late or absent for my class, but I have a slight fever today. I don’t think I can go for class. I’m going to call him but how should I explain my reason? How do I say “I will not join the class because I have a fever.”?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
Sensee, Netsu ga arimasukara, kurasu wo yasumimasu. Sumimasen.

Sensee, Kurasu wo yasumimasu. Netsu ga arimasukara. Sumimasen.

Master, Because I have fever, I will not join the class. Sorry for that.

Japanese traditional cultural classes such as judo, kendo, kado (flower arrangement) or sado (tea ceremony) pay strong emphasis on manners. You get first-hand experience about the importance of manners in a judo class.
You can use the particle “から kara” to express “because”.
As shown in (1), you can combine two sentences in one or use two sentences as shown in (2). When you are absent or late, explaining the reason will show your sincerity. You can also make it more polite by adding “sensee” to show respect and “sumimasen” to show your apology.
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Hope you’ll feel better soon to continue your class. Take care!