I’m an Australian wine exporter and we are selling our wines at a Japanese Marché market for the first time. I get some customers browsing at my stall but I could only smile at them.

I want to say that my wine is cheap but I don’t know any Japanese. How do I say “It’s cheap” in Japanese when I have customers looking at my wines?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
(1) やすいですよ。
Yasui desuyo.
It’s cheap.

You can use the above expression to say “It’s cheap”. Yasui means “cheap” in Japanese and yo at the end of the sentence emphasizes the fact that it’s really cheap.

It is also good to know the opposite expression. Takai means “expensive”, so when you hear your customers whispering the word “takai” to themselves, you can quickly say Yasui desuyo.

I hope you will make lots of sales at your stall!