My city is under a lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is no sign of reopening soon. Travel is restricted and those who can work from home are strongly encouraged to do so.

I have already been working from home for several weeks now. Most of my friends in Japan still need to go to the office every day. I want to write a message in Japanese to tell them that I work from home.

How should I say it?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
1. 自宅(じたく)勤務(きんむ)
Jitaku kinmu
Work from home
2. テレワークをしています
Terewaaku o shiteimasu
I work from home

There are two terms for “work from home”. You can use either “Jitaku kinmu” or “Terewaaku”. Working from home has its challenges too. Stay safe!