I was interning at a Japanese company. During lunchtime, someone called the office and I picked up the phone. The man spoke rapidly in Japanese but I could not understand. Nobody was around to take the call in Japanese.

I spoke in English but he could not understand me either. We had to end the call. When my colleagues returned to the office, I could only tell them that a man called the office but I could not provide more information.

How do you say “man” in Japanese?


Answer by Professional Japanese Teacher
1. 男(おとこ)の人(ひと)
Otoko no hito

2. 男性(だんせい)

There are several ways of saying “man” in Japanese. Otoko no hito literally means “male person” and is commonly used. The word dansei is often used in forms when filling up information about gender.

It literally means “male gender”. In your case, you can use otoko no hito.