How to say “thanks to you I’ve passed JLPT(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) N5” in Japanese?


I took and passed the JLPT* N5 on the first try! My Japanese teacher helped a lot in preparing us for the exam. I would not have passed the JLPT without her help. I want to show my appreciation and thank her for her efforts. How do I say “thanks to you I’ve passed JLPT N5” in Japanese?

* JLPT means “Japanese-Language Proficiency Test”. If you are interested in JLPT, please check the following website for more details.

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) 先生(せんせい)のおかげで、試験(しけん)に合格(ごうかく)できました。
Sensee no okage de, shiken ni gookaku dekimashita
Thanks to you, I’ve passed the exam


Congratulations on passing your JLPT N5! I hope it is the start for further Japanese learning. To thank your teacher, you can use the above expression.
“~ no okage de” means “thanks to ~”. The word “okage” literally means “to be under the shade of or to be under the protection of”. To be under the “shade” or protection of someone is to receive help or benefits from that person.
This expression is often used to express thanks and appreciation for the help received.