How To Say “When Are You Available?” In Japanese?

I was writing an email to a Japanese colleague in another branch office. We were supposed to arrange a time and day to go through the documents together before we submit to the head office. I wanted to ask when he is available to meet up. How do I say this in Japanese?

Answer by Japanese teacher


(1) ご都合(つごう)の良(よ)い日時(にちじ)を教(おし)えていただけますか。
Gotsugoo no yoi nichiji o oshieteitadakemasu ka.
Would you tell me when are the convenient dates and times?

(2) ご都合(つごう)の良(よ)い日時(にちじ)を教(おし)えてください。
Gotsugoo no yoi nichiji o oshietekudasai.
Please let me know your availability.


Both expressions are suitable for use in emails and conversation. The first expression would sound more polite than the second one. Gotsugoo literally means “your circumstances or condition” and gotsugoo no yoi means “favourable or convenient”.